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9-11 Tribute

Posted: September 11, 2013 in gospel
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This is a photo mosaic done by Loom. It is an ensemble of about 50 pictures of abortion mills and abortionists around the country. This is the real terrorism in the USA – the daily murder of nearly 4000 children. The death toll on that fateful day of September 11, 2001 was about 2800. The nation was outraged. I was in boot camp at the time at Fort Knox – on the M4 Qual range. It was eery as there was a halt on all activity for nearly four hours. All of us ‘Privates’ were wondering what was going on.

Where is the outrage today in our communities. Abortion murder continues on at the permission of the communities these death mills exist in. The churches are silent and not outraged. The politicians are silent and not outraged. The businesses working right beside these mills are silent and not outraged. The nation is pervasive in its injustices – and my people love to have it so. God looks from heaven and sees if there is any that will stand in the gap. His eyes roam to and fro through out all the earth. Nothing is hidden from His sight. You cannot hide your sin. One day you will give an account of all of it, unless you can find a sin bearer, or be your own! Silence is sin as it pertains to abortion in your community.

I am in boot camp everyday. Where are Gods soldiers?




Is this true?


Yep, if tweet streams say its true then it must be. And little foolish me got swept up in the groundswell of excitement, wrote ’em a letter and blogged about it.

Susan G. Komen’s decision and decision-reversal reveals the fundamental issue. These two powerhouse, money making organizations do not have the woman’s best interest in mind. Their motivation is not the health or help of the woman. It is money. Money- driven Bloodmoney. SG Komen + PP = greed.

Don’t you know that the love of money is the root of all evil?

I would bet that major benefactors, at receipt of Susan G. Komen’s first decision of a few days ago, immediately pulled their monetary support. I can also imagine the White House stepped in and issued their complaint.

Wow, the whole nation is indicted in the matter.

Friends, it’s linked back to money and greed, the love of the world and of darkness.