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This is from Pastor Mark Kiser at the March For Life Right To Life Rally in Little Rock.”The Church needs to get out of our padded pews, take a sack lunch and Holy Bible to our local abortion mill and compel the madness of abortion on demand to stop.”


A beautiful and blustery morning, yet down the street from you and I, a man prepared his implements of death. An abortionists cold steel to crush skulls and pull apart limbs from children were staged and readied. Yes, children led to slaughter are brought to this man – dying.

So, fueled by the Spirit of Truth and of Jesus, members of His church brought the warfare to the streets, within a yard of hell, at 4 Office Park Drive, Little Rock: the abortionists place of business. But the warfare we wage is not of like kind as the murderer. Our weapons are not carnal. We do not fight or wrestle with flesh and blood. Our weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds!

See the battle lines drawn:


Towards the middle of the morning we got news from the Catholics (yes, they are working on the street to save lives) that a child was saved:

A mother was inside the facility and then came out and left.

About forty minutes later as five of us were gathered we looked over in the adjacent parking lot and observed a car parked with two folks inside. Both heatedly arguing and upset this young man and woman were apparently considering entering the death camp. The five of us got to praying, interceding that the Lord our God would lead them away from slaughter. It wasn’t three minutes later they started up the car and drove away. Praise the Lord. Now, may God keep them from returning.