States of Refuge – Wage our Warfare (14 September 2012)

Posted: September 14, 2012 in abortion

Greetings Dear Friends,

Day 2 Begins today at 0630 at the La Quinta Inn. Of course, starting with prayer and then off for the work at hand. A Handful of us will begin at the abortion mill and minister the gospel and intercede for those being led into slaughter. Yesterday, the pro-aborts were out in protest of us. Interesting turn of events. Earlier this week I got a vmail from a Robert (Handle of the web is RobertLovesPi), who warned me of what was to come. He is kinda leading the charge with these protestors. But praise God, they get the Gospel too!!!

UALR will be the site that Tom Raddell sets up his really big display. You got to see it to believe. Yesterday they got kicked off the campus and then called back on apologetically. They will set up around 0800 and remain there for most of the day. Not sure the precise location of the display. I’m sure you can walk the grounds and spot them pretty easy.

There are other events that will not be put into this email. If you want information about this afternoon, respond to this email.

Join us to Proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ. If indeed He is Lord (and He is) then our duty, out of love, is to proclaim that He is Lord to every soul and that every knee will bow to His Lordship either by loving submission now or by force later.

Uploading Don Simmons 10 minute testimony from last night urging pastors across the nation to proclaim the full counsel of God. Please navigate to my youtube account named apuritan (The video is being uploaded right now and I gotta run…)

May Christ’s grace be with you all,


Richard C. Hagen

"i love because He first loved me, i live because He lives." (Hymn by Horatius Bonar)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Would love to help out! Please let know where you will be later today and I will bring my family! Will you be here this weekend as well?


    Sent from my iPhone

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