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From: Rusty Lee Thomas

Today, two mailers were sent out to the five states that comprise the States of Refuge campaign. One was sent to every State Representative in Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. They are receiving a cover letter and a brochure articulating the States of Refuge vision and mission. The other mailer is being sent to 950 churches in the five counties that have the one remaining abortion mill defiling their land. They will receive a copy of the powerful DVD Abortion Matrix, cover letter, and brochure. Please pray that the Lord will use these materials to convince the spiritual and civil leaders to join this righteous effort to cleanse the land of this grave evil in Jesus’ name! Click hereto see the Church Letter.

Collusion Between DOJ and Abortion Industry

Little Rock, Arkansas and Abortionist Tvedton

When the church, en masse, decides to stand at the gates of hell, abortion will end.  Awake people, arise from the dead and Christ will shine His light on you. Our Jericho is there, at the gates of hell, and it shall not prevail over us! Prayer is our weapon! Intercession our victory! God has ordained that He limit Himself to the praying of His saints – or else there would have been no fighting for us to do! It would have been over before the church really began.

Watch Jeremiah ministries, States of Refuge and Alex Kendrick (Courageous, the movie) fight at the gates of hell.