Notes from Tom Hoefling’s interview with Catholic Revolver

Posted: October 23, 2012 in abortion


Stop playing political bookie.

Stop voting for what you hate.

The compromise in our churches (in this nation) is appalling.

The only wasted vote is to vote [compromisingly for] someone who doesn’t represent you.

William McKinley, the 25th president of the US, practiced ‘front porch’ politics. He didn’t travel, seek the media etc., he sat on his porch and groups of people came to sit and ask him questions. It was a people’s government back then.

"Are you on enough state ballots to win?" (Question by the moderator)

Yes, was the reply. At the time of the interview he was on the ballots of CA, FL and CO and had a possiblity of winning 56% of the Electoral College votes. By the time of actual opening of the polls he could have 72%.

But here is the deal: If Hoefling gets California alone, then Obama is toast. And here is the silly thing, Romney is using California as a piggy bank state because his administration has already ceded California to Obama. So, Romney and gang are conducting visits and town halls in that state merely to get money and then he uses that money as he wishes. (How is that Self-government, i ask? How is that supporting the people he vows to defend?)

Finally, Hoefling mentioned that "We the People" have a huge power that we cede to mainstream media, and the two big traction platforms, DNC and RNC. If we would use this power to garner and gather support for the candidate that would help the people save their state and their nation, not ramrod programs that merely promise it, we would save this nation. Our vote has huge power but we are listening to the liberal and mainstream media and wasting our vote for the wrong guy – Obama or Romney.

(Listen to this interview in full here)



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